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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Try before buying

  • How can I try the software?
    Just download here a free trial copy.
  • How long is the trial period?
    You can try ABarcode for 30 days, then you can choose to buy it if it happens to fit your needs.
  • What are the demo limitations?
    ABarcode trial software is not limited to any number of barcodes or symbologies.
    · ABarcode for Access prints the codes except a 10% of them, that are left in blank.
    · ABarcode ActiveX prints all of them, adding the 'DEMO' word inside the code. This does not prevent them to be scanned.
  • Can I extend the trial period?
    Unfortunately for technical reasons it is not possible to extend the trial-period, but you can eventually install the software in another computer so you can keep trying it.


  • How can I buy ABarcode?
    Click here to buy online.
    If you prefer a local distributor near your geographic region, check our distributors listing.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    The most used -also the fastest one- is the credit card.
    Depending on which is your country, you will be able to pay via bank transfer with your PayPal account.
    If you buy though RegNow, you will also find some other options that we cannot list here because they depend on RegNow's own policies.
  • What guarantees do I have about my credit card's data are not being used in fraudulent ways?
    ABarcode Software does not have any access to your credit card details; these are only managed by the payment gateway you are buying through. Paypal, as well as RegNow, are worldwide recognized companies, since years ago, among the safest shopping and data-protecting online sites.
  • How do I receive the software?
    You will receive an email message with instructions about how to activate the program. You do not have to install any other software but just activating the first one you installed to try out.
    It is highly recommended that you add our domain name ( and also the payment agent's one (paypal/regnow) to your safe list to avoid your mail client or server droping our messages as spam.
  • When do I receive the software?
    Our server sends you a message with the activation instructions as soon as the payment gateway notify us about your order. This usually happens a few seconds after you confirm the order.
    Very occasionaly, the payment gateway may hold a credit card transaction to verify it, but in this case you should be advised by them about this situation.
  • I already purchased but I do not receive the activation instructions
    First of all, please verify that your order has really been processed and accepted by the payment service: you should get a confirmation e-mail about your order.
    Also, check your junk-mail/spam folder, just in case our message went down there.
    Please note that payment methods other than credit card (check, bank transfer...) may take some days to be cleared.
  • I need an invoice
    If you buy through Regnow, they are the vendor so they must give you the invoice.
    If you are buying through Paypal, just drop us a message including your order number and your company information for the invoice.


  • What kind of license do I need?
    It depends on which use are you giving to the software, and on how many users will use it.
    · If the software is going to be used in your company by 10 or less fixed users, you should get the Single-User license.
    · If it is going to be used by more than 10 fixed users, or less but changing users, in a same physical location of your company, then you probably need a Site license.
    · For more than 10 users, fixed or changeable, in more than one company's physical location, or if you are a software developer and willing to include ABarcode as an additional complement in your applications, you need a Developer license.
    For more details on the license types please read the License Agreement during the program installation. To compare prices of the license types, please visit this page.
    Please note that Single-User licenses have several different price scales per volume.
  • How many licenses do I need?
    It depends on the license type:
    - Single-User: each license is for one workstation, and its activation key is bound to it. Therefore you need a license for every single PC.
    Single-user license is not for servers, likeTerminal Services, Citrix and so.
    - Site License: this license autorizes you to use the software by an unlimited amount of users, inside a common physical location (building, factory, branch, office) of your company. So you need a Site License for each site, no matter how many users.
    - Developer License: with this one, you can redistribute the software, as an add-in of your applications, to any user of your company -regardless of their physical locations- and to any of your costumers, with the only limitation of 10.000 redistributions per license, and taking into account that one developer license authorizes one developer to use it. So you will need a developer license for each developer directly involved in the usage of ABarcode in your developments, or for every 10.000 redistributions, the higher one.
  • Do I have to buy a license for each barcode symbology?
    No, you don't.
    Unlike other barcoding programs, ABarcode includes multiple symbologies in just one product. When you buy a license, you can use all the supported symbologies.


  • How do I activate the software?
    To activate ABarcode you first have to install the demo version that you can download here.
    ABarcode for Access shows a starting splash screen where you should click "Enter Key".
    In ABarcode ActiveX, press the "About" button in the properties window.
    In both programs, you must enter a Name and an Activation Key.
    · If you bought a Site or Developer License, Name and Key are always the same. They appear in the message you receive after buying.
    · If you bought one or more Single-User licenses, you must get a key for every PC in our online activation page. Our system will send you activation key to the e-mail address in your order.
  • When I enter the key it says it's invalid
    First of all, check that the key is for the same product you are trying to activate. Maybe you ordered another product, maybe you are trying to activate another one. Just write us if you ordered a wrong product.
    Activation key and name must be entered exactly as you received them, with the same CAP/small letters, spaces, dots... Use copy/paste in order to avoid any typographical error.
    Finally, keep in mind that keys for Single-User licenses are bound to the Machine ID, which is different for every computer. In the activation window itself, you can check if the Machine ID is the same to the one the key you are trying to was generated for.
  • Where is the order number the activation page is asking for?
    Your order number is the unique identifier of your purchase, and it is given by the payment service.
    It is referenced as Transaction ID from PayPal, and Order ID from RegNow.
    Anyway, the activation form allows you to search for your orders. Just enter the email address and click the link "Click here to find your order numbers". They will appear in a popup.
  • Where is the Machine ID?
    In order to active the software, first of all you need to install the demo version and run it.
    On ABarcode for Access, a warning screen will let you know that it is running in trial mode. Click "Enter key" and you will see the Machine ID for your PC.
    ABarcode Activex does not show a warning screen, but instead you have to click the "About" button to open the windows where you license info, and your Machine ID too, is shown.
  • I did not receive the activation key
    If you did not receive any e-mail from us after clicking the "Send" button, maybe your server or client is rejecting our messages.
    Please check that our domain name '' is included in your safe list, and check your junk mail folder as well.
    Send us a message so we can re-send you the key.


  • I purchased ABarcode a few years ago. Is there an upgrade option?
    Upgrading to current versions is FREE.
  • How do I install a newer version?
    If your version is more than 2 or 3 years old, you should uninstalling it before installing a new one, which you can download at our downloads page.
    Anyway, even if you are uninstalling the old one or installing the new one, don't forget to close any open program in your PC, specially those that could be using ABarcode.
  • How do I activate the new version?
    Upgrades are automatically activated since they use the same key.
    If your old version was too older, the new one may appear working in Demo mode. If so, just visit our online activations page to get a new activation key.
  • My computer is not longer working. Can I use my license in a new one?
    Of course you can. Just download and install the software in your new computer, then get a new activation key from our online activations page using the Machine Id shown in the new computer.
  • I try to activate online but it says I reached my limit
    Our online activation system does allow some number of license reactivations over the time, understanding that a user can change its computer for any reason.
    If you try to get some new keys in a short time, the system might deny your request. Please send us a message explaining the reason of your activation request so we can unlock it.
  • The email adress I used when purchasing no longer exists. How do I get activation keys?
    Send us a message with your new address and the old one, as well as any information that can help us to identify you as the actual customer so that we can link your new address to the order.


  • How do I run the software? There is only Uninstall and User Guide in the Windows Start menu.
    ABarcode for Access and ABarcode ActiveX are both add-ons, they do not work on its own.
    The first one works inside MS Access, and the wizard is opened from the Tools -> Add-ins menu. Once you set up barcodes for an MS Access report, ABarcode for Access runs in the background when you open the report in preview or print mode.
    The Activex Control may be included (or you can include it) into another software development, but in addition it comes with two wizards, for MS Excel and MS Word, that you can start from its Add-ins menu.
  • Some barcodes are not beign printed (ABarcode for Access)
    This is because the software is running in trial mode.
    Once you buy a license and activate it, all barcodes will be printed.
  • What is that DEMO word inside the bars? (ABarcode ActiveX)
    This means that the software is running in trial mode.
    Once you buy and activate a license, the DEMO warning does not appear anymore.
    If you already activated it, maybe several hardware changes happened in your computer causing the Machine Id changes. If so, please go to our online activations page to get a new activation key.
  • The program stopped working and it is asking for registration again (ABarcode for Access & single-user license)
    Changing several hardware components may cause a change in the Machine ID licensing system -which binds an activation key to a unique computer- so it does not recognize the activation key as a valid one.
    If this happens, just get a new activation key here.
  • Some barcodes are unreadable
    - ABarcode for Access: if you are using the "Fill the field" option, increase the field's size in your report. If you are using the "Scale to" option, slightly inscrease the scale. Keep in mind that scale 1 does set the bar width to the standard width set by the specifications.
    - ABarcode ActiveX: slightly raise the bar width (NarrowBarWidth) in the properties window. The standard width for most 1D symbologies is 0.033 cm (33 mm).


  • Can I include the ActiveX Control in web applications on my intranet?
    Yes, you can. Please see an example here.
    Keep in mind that the ActiveX control does not run in the server but in the client, so the users of you web application must have the ActiveX control installed on their computer.
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